The Top 4 Tips for Successful Home Selling in Autumn


You might assume that showcasing a home during the fall season is not the best idea; perhaps it reminds you of gray skies, less daylight and rain or even an early snowfall.

In actuality, the fall season has very unique characteristics. Fall is the season where you can gather your family and friends around a crackling fireplace, or come together around a fire pit in the backyard. The bright colors of fall are also a great way to increase curb appeal, and a great inspiration for cozy décor. Fall is also a season when buyers are more motivated to move before the coming winter.

Thinking of selling? Here are our four tips for selling your home successfully this fall season:

1.      Decorate Your Home For the Season

Some of the charming autumn decorations you can dress up your home with are pumpkins, gourds, and a brightly-colored mat for your front door. A wreath with fall inspired colors like red, orange and yellow colors could also be a great addition for your front door.

 2.      Lighting

We already know that there is less sunlight during this season, so remember to leave the lights on for showings. Open your curtains, and don’t forget to clean the windows. Bringing in as much natural light as possible will help buyers to visualize the home in warmer months.

 3.      Ventilation

Open your windows occasionally to let in some fresh air. You may tend to keep the windows shut as the temperature starts to cool down, but remember that closed homes and moisture tend to hold odors and molds. Use fans in the bathrooms and kitchens to keep the air circulating so buyers don’t find the air stale.

 4.      Declutter

The cooler weather tends to keep homeowners and guests indoors, which may cause the home to feel more disorganized and cluttered. When showing your home, take special care of the front hallway; organize and put away boots and coats. You can also put a basket in every room so if there’s a showing; if clutter builds up, put these things inside the basket before you leave the premises. Store the basket underneath the bed, inside the closet or somewhere out of sight.

Even though autumn is one of the cooler seasons, that doesn’t mean your home can’t feel warm and inviting. Be sure to follow these steps to keep your home organized and bright; this way buyers can enjoy their tours and visualize your home in any season.


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