4 Homeowner Tips to Prepping your Yard for Spring

The long-awaited season of spring has finally come. For some homeowners it represents a refreshing new start to the year, while others see it more as a reason to start working on the yard! No matter how you look at it, homeowners will know that as soon as spring rolls around, there will be lots to do on your home’s exterior to get it ready for the warmer seasons.

Spring requires the nurturing of every sprout and the pulling of every weed. Are you ready to nurture your lawn? Below are some tricks and tips that will make spring time preparation work for your yard and garden easier, faster, and more fun:

1. Creating a Low-Maintenance Garden

Many homeowners enjoy having a garden but don’t necessarily have the time to tend to it. A low-maintenance garden is that answer! For plants, seek seeds that don’t require a lot of watering or that can thrive in a variety of locations.

For vegetables, plant their seeds directly in a plastic bag filled with garden soil and cover it in mulch. The plastic bag should be at least a quart size so that there is a sufficient room for your vegetables to grow. The plastic barrier will also help maintain the moisture and allow you to cut down on watering. You can also dump the garden soil at the end of the season, which will help enrich your garden!

As an extra tip, you can also install drip hoses throughout your garden to ensure each plant is getting enough moisture. This can save time and money as it will be easier than using sprinklers and require less water.

2. Feeding Your Soil

A rich soil means healthy plants. If you were not feeding your soil properly before, you can easily amend the garden soil by gathering these quick-fix household items:

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds from your daily cup will help improve the soil’s drainage, aeration, and water retention. There are even some coffee shops that are happy to give you their spent coffee grounds that you can put into your garden beds or add to your compost pile.

Fireplace Ashes

Hardwood ashes are a good source of potassium - commonly considered a quality nutrient for gardens with acidic or low-potassium soil. Just make sure to spread 2 gallons per 100 square feet.


Put crumbled shells into planting holes. The calcium from the shells helps prevent tomato blossom-end rot, and the shards repel slugs and other garden pests.


Instead of waiting 6 to 12 months on your compost, you can speed up the process of composting by pulverizing your brown organic matter like branches, leaves and cardboard in a wood chipper or shredder before adding it to the pile. 

3. Eliminating Weeds Before they Grow

Homeowners can use herbicides, which will kill pernicious plants before they sprout. For the areas where you plan to seed your lawn, you can seed first and then apply herbicides a few weeks later. Read the package label for timing because each pre-emergent varies.

If you missed the timing on applying the herbicide per the package instructions, you can still kill the young weeds by spraying them with horticultural vinegar or dosing them with boiling water. Make sure your aim is accurate because both liquids can kill good plants as well. Once your wanted plants have sprouted, cover your garden with 2 to 4 inches of mulch to keep down weeds, retain moisture, and reduce water runoff.

4. Cleaning Up Yard Tools

After many months in storage, there are some ways to lighten the workload in cleaning your summertime tools and equipment.

For rusty tools, you can shine them by soaking in white vinegar for 24 hours, and then scrub with steel wool. To keep them from rusting again, store tools in a bucket of builder’s sand. Clean stains on plastic patio furniture by rubbing marks with a bit of white toothpaste. To revive faded colors, polish them with a small amount of petroleum jelly.

Preparing your yard won’t be just a single weekend event- it takes time and nurturing! However, if you’re prepared it won’t be long before you can walk along the soft grass and enjoy the views of your beautiful gardens.

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