3 Spring Cleaning Tasks for the Whole Family

It’s spring cleaning time! That means lots of families will now be getting ready to dust, scrub, vacuum and de-clutter their homes. Need some help giving out tasks? Below are a few tips on how to make spring cleaning fun for the whole family:

1. Five and under

Little ones love to help out and get involved as long as you make things fun! It’s only when they get older that they realize cleaning and house chores might not be as interesting as they used to be! Want to keep the little ones busy? Give them appropriate tasks to help make them a part of the project.

You can give toddlers a rag and a spray bottle of water to help wipe down closets, drawers, tables and anything that has limited décor. Other things they may enjoy doing include sorting shoes, making their bed and organizing their toys and stuffed animals. 

2. Adolescents

Pre-teens can help with a multitude of tasks in spring cleaning from dusting and vacuuming to cleaning out the refrigerator, organizing drawers and cleaning their room. Because of their age you can give them greater responsibilities but ensure that they can complete them safely and avoid heavy objects, heights and breakables.   

3. Teenagers

Teenagers will be able to handle most cleaning tasks unless they have specific limitations. Consider asking them to help out with the outdoor yard work including raking, planting, window cleaning, etc.

You may get more efficient work done from this group by offering incentives such as a small allowance or a night out with friends.

Keeping everyone in the family motivated during spring cleaning is very important. No matter who is doing what, make it more fun by playing music through the house or making it into a game by adding goals and prizes. E.g. Set a timer, and the child who hung up or folded more clothes the fastest wins a prize!

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be boring or hard- look for ways to make it fun with everyone in the home and it’ll be done before you know it! Give your house the facelift it needs with these great ideas.

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